Thank you for choosing Go Long Fx Academy, a full mentorship and educational platform. GLF Academy is one of the most effective educational platforms for learning how to trade profitably in the Forex Market.  GLF Academy was created to provide specific knowledge of the Forex market in order to change people's lives as well as the people around them in the most powerful way. Here at GoLongFx Academy, we have developed a trading community with a diverse group of people as well as trading styles that allow each trader to establish relationships not only on the charts but outside of them as well.






What do you get ?

When enrolling into GoLongFx Academy you’re getting a hands on mentorship and access to the communication group full of other traders in GLF Academy. There are two trading styles that will be taught. Scalping, which is how you make very quick money you're in and out of the market within minutes. The other style taught is trading from Z to Z, this style is for a very large pip count which means higher profits.  This allows each student to have an option on which style works best for them.


There are many ways or trading styles to make money in the Forex market. GoLongFx offers proven ways to become successful in the market and to become a profitable trader on a consistent basis.


GoLongFx Academy is a full online educational platform that requires no prior knowledge of Forex. The academy gives step by step instructions to setup your trading platform on your devices you desire to use, helpful PDF’s, Analysis training, past recordings, and also the future webinar recordings that happen two times a week.


Also, each student has access to all communications group on any social media platforms as well as any future groups that may be created. 

Our services

In Person courses

In person experience for the students who grasp things better in person rather than online.

Online courses

Online Courses for the students in different areas of the nation.


Great for new traders as well as traders coming from a non profitable experience in the Forex Markets.

24/7 Academy

Having unlimited access to the Academy is beneficial to everyone. Access whenever and wherever. 


Full Risk Disclosure: Trading Forex is not appropriate for all investors, and the risks of Forex trading can be substantial. You should carefully consider whether Forex trading is right for you in your particular circumstances and financial resources. Understand that past performance associated with any trading signals from GoLongFx, is not a guarantee of future performance or success. This brief statement can not disclose all the risks and or other aspects of trading in the Forex markets. You should seek information with a financial advisor prior to trading the Forex market.

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