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What's up, my name is Archie Rice. I am from Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up I played football and ran track & field, my senior year I received a scholarship to play football at Texas Southern University which is located in Houston, TX. I had a great college experience. Played football, Received a bachelors degree in Homeland security, and had the opportunity to meet others from all across the nation. But during my final years at TSU, I began to realize that I didn't want to keep playing football and didn't want a 9-5, living a normal lifestyle. I wanted something much bigger than that.


While in college I came across some older teammates that were investing in cryptocurrency. I lived and stood by the motto "Don't sit on it, Invest it." I had some luck with investing in cryptocurrency but after about 5 months of up and down results with the investments, I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't a reliable source of income, and was not going to be enough. 


Entrepreneurship was always the mindset which separated me from others around me in the workforce. I was introduced to the Forex Market by the same people I networked with while in the cryptocurrency world back in January of 2018. I immediately saw the potential in the Forex Market, with no experience in the trading markets, I began the journey of becoming a Forex trader.


caught onto things very fast growing up, but this was not one of them. After reading many books, studying for hours at a time and networking with people that had experience in the markets, it all began to click. With the knowledge I gained over time, I took it and created something very powerful.

 After months and months of consistent trading and mastering the Forex markets, I began to teach the friends around me the skill.  After seeing the effect it had on their lives, I then began to strive to see similar results on others. An idea came to can the different ways that each of us approach the Forex market to be beneficial to others? 


I put together a group of elite traders and close friends whose vision matched mine. Before starting GoLongFx Academy we were a hungry group of guys that knew what we wanted in life. We wanted to make an impact and leave a legacy behind that no one could ever forget, to create a path for others to become successful in their own way, while picking up a skill that can provide financial freedom.


Students have shown major success in this skill set and the variety of teaching methods that we provide. My promise to you is that we will continue to demonstrate as well as create an empire that will dominate the Forex Market.


"The most effective way to do it, is to do it"

-Amelia Earhart


Full Risk Disclosure: Trading Forex is not appropriate for all investors, and the risks of Forex trading can be substantial. You should carefully consider whether Forex trading is right for you in your particular circumstances and financial resources. Understand that past performance associated with any trading signals from GoLongFx, is not a guarantee of future performance or success. This brief statement can not disclose all the risks and or other aspects of trading in the Forex markets. You should seek information with a financial advisor prior to trading the Forex market.

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